Welcome to St. James’ Parish!

For over three hundred years, we’ve sought to follow Christ faithfully in this place—feeding the hungry, serving the poor, and gathering together to worship the risen Jesus.

Formally established in 1692, you will find history touches just about every part of our life together: our stained glass windows portray the watermen of the Chesapeake Bay in their skipjacks and steamers, and their harvest of crabs and oysters; our cemetery contains the oldest grave in Maryland; in worship every week, we use the same communion cup that we have since the early 1700s.

But this is no museum: we share our lives with one another, celebrating the good times together and carrying the load together in difficult times. It’s the friendships we share over coffee, or at choir practice, or patting oysters at one of our Spring or Fall Dinners that make this place the family that it is—and we’d love to get to know you, whoever you are, wherever you’ve come from, whatever your story is! All are welcome here, without exception, because it’s God that has brought us together.

Here at St. James’, we believe that there’s no question too big for God, no wondering or doubt that means you’re not welcome, no mistake that can’t be forgiven.

We are imperfect people who are trying to walk faithfully together, making an inclusive and loving community that everyone can call home.

In the beauty of our worship, in the way we serve our neighbors, in the friendships we share, we hope you’ll find the presence of God in this place.